Transforming smiles Transforming lives


A beautiful young woman working as a flight attendant decided she needed to upgrade to a more famous airlines. She gave an interview and won everyone’s hearts with her sweet demeanor and politeness. The one thing that they noticed was that she would cup her mouth each time she would smile.

A psychologist on the panel noticed she had crooked teeth and on further probing realised it was injuring her confidence.

He spoke to her but she felt it was too late to get braces and that she had to ‘live with it all life’.

Long story short, he motivated her to meet an orthodontist and that’s how she came to our clinic.

When she came for the first time she wasn’t very hopeful. She was a smart girl and knew about lingual braces (the ones on the inner side of teeth) but her job required a lot of communication so she had already ruled that out. I showed her a few similar cases on the TV screen and the patient Ipad and she was excited to know there are other treatment options. She held the demo aligners in her hands and requested to know more.

“how does this even work? Can these transparent removable aligners straighten my teeth?”

I explained to her how clear aligners work and how there are different systems and only a practitioner certified in the best can choose which case required which aligners.

She finally met with Dr. Anuraj and was very enthusiastic about getting a ClinCheck video that would in advance show her how her teeth would move and finally look!

Our happy patient is now 8 months into treatment, flying with one of the best airlines and transforming her life while invisibly and secretly transforming her smile.

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